Saturday, March 23, 2019

Classified Advertising with the P6 Rover Owners Club
The P6 News is a bi-monthly magazine distributed to over 900 of our members and your advertisement will also appear on the Club website for 2 months. Below are the advertisement costs for non-members.

Colour Photograph Advertisement:
Size: 128mm x 60mm includes wording - £20.00 per issue
One photograph will be published in P6 News and more can be added to the website.
Lineage Advertisement:
Up to 80 words - £7.00 per issue.
The P6 News magazine is published February, April, June, August, October & December.
Your advertisement and payment must be received before the 21st of the month prior to publication.
Alternatively it can be added to the website at any time and will last for 2 months.
Advertisements can be sent by email or by using the pdf form below.
Cheques should be made payable to: 'P6 ROVER OWNERS CLUB' and sent to the Club address below or you can also pay via Paypal by sending payment to
Deborah Stanley - P6 Rover Owners Club
Tel: 01484 607772  Email:
Wood Nook Farm, 2 Huddersfield Road, Shelley, Huddersfield HD8 8HJ

To submit a classified advertisement by post please complete the PDF form below. 

Classified Advert Form [260Kb]

Rover P6 type 2 wooden gear knob 2000/2200/3500S Manual
Rover P6 type 2 wooden gear knob 2000/2200/3500S Manual Replica of the later type of wooden gear knob, as seen on my own car. It replicates the original rather well. It features a 3D printed nylon top with hand painted letters, a CNC shaped wooden section and hand made tapped brass bushes for fitment to your cars gear stick. The brass bushes have been hand made by myself and the tops and wooden sections have been hand finished by me also. All parts are push fit together. I have only made 12 of these with only 10 available for sale as to keep the rarity of this much wanted optional extra. My car has covered 5000 miles with this and apart from dirt in the letters there is no sign of damage, thus I deem these as a good product. Only maintenance is occasional oiling with teak oil once a year and they can stand up to alcohol based cleaners. Sold with no warranty as there is nothing that can break. £35.00 each + P&P Tel: 07935 323842 Email:

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